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Volunteer in Cambodia

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The operational team is entirely Khmer.

This is in line with the policy set out by the founders: Cambodians must be in charge of their own country’s development

It is also the best way to ensure our programmes and actions are sustainable and can support the children in the long run.


Short term or long term assignments

We occasionally recruit two types of expatriate volunteers:

Experts involved in a specific field for a few weeks: they offer their expertise and train our trainers or managers in specific technical skills or more generally in areas related to business management (e.g. human relations ... )

Volunteers who commit to a mission of at least one year, to implement a new project or programme before it is supported by local PSE Khmer employees.

Applying for other opportunities:

Recruitment for these opportunities is solely based on local needs and will be advertised on the site Coordination Sud or in PSE’s quarterly newsletter.

Volunteers can benefit from the status VSI (International Solidarity Volunteer), regardless of age, for a period of between 1 to 6 years.

A few young people can volunteer for short term assignments (5 to 6 months).

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