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Our projects

... to act for the benefit of children and their families, to respond to emergencies and those in dire circumstances, to improve the impact of our programmes.

We provide our sustaining partners with transparency on financial data, regular progress reports, as well as a final evaluation report.

Support comes from companies, foundations, fellow NGOs as well as individual donors. Join our partners in supporting our projects.

Offer remedial schooling to the greatest number of children

Why ?

The remedial school curriculum PSE has developed in our centre has proven its worth over the years. It offers children aged 10 to 14, who have dropped out of school, a chance to complete primary school in three years. The Cambodian School Education Ministry endorsed it in 2014.

This project is run by PSE in collaboration with the School Education Ministry. It deploys remedial schooling to five different regions in Cambodia. It also allows the Ministry to implement PSE’s methodology into its education programmes.

Eventually, we aim to leverage this innovative teaching methodology to help all children who are behind in their schooling throughout Cambodia.

The project

Provide remedial schooling for about 6,000 children spanning 3 school years, from September 2014 to August 2017.

Partners as of June 2016: The National Consortium of NGOs in Cambodia for children in school exclusion situations, coordinated by "Action Aid Cambodia" programme, under the auspices of the project "Educate a Child"; Thales Foundation; Association “Les papiers de l’espoir”; Midi Pyrénées Regional Council; Amgen Solidaire; PSE branches from Aquitaine, Loire Océan, Luxembourg.

A primary school in rural areas

Why ?

The villagers of the community of Arak Thnot, in Kampong Cham province, a neighbour of Phnom Penh, work in the fields or on rubber plantations. Poverty is extreme. Children are in classes of 60 to 70 pupils due to the lack of facilities. Others attend classes outside, under trees or in shelters with zinc sheet roofs.

These deplorable school conditions and widespread family poverty mean that many children drop out of school, even at primary school age to go off to work.

Our social assistants have identified 190 children forced to study outside and 280 children receiving no schooling at all, each and every one of them is below primary school certificate level. 

The project

  • Construction of a school building to educate (in half-day rotation) the 470 children of village 10 in the Commune of d’Arak Thnot, from the start of the 2016/17 school year.
  • Construction of 4 toilets and a well to provide access to drinking water.

The scope of the project was defined in partnership with local authorities who will: furnish and equip classrooms, pay teacher salaries, and monitor outcomes for children in cooperation with PSE.

New premises for our School of Sales and Management

Pourquoi ?

Thanks to the success of Remedial Schooling, these young people are increasingly likely to attain the Brevet and High School graduation level. Cambodia's economy is recovering; companies lack competent executives and managers.

The opportunities are there. We have decided to increase the capacity of the PSE Institute School of Sales and Management and improve our teaching methods with more modern and better suited equipment.

The school currently has more than 300 students (60 percent girls) in programs ranging from High School to a Bachelor’s Degree.

The project

  • Construction of a school building with classrooms and computer room, library, offices for teachers, small lecture halls, and a reception area... on land that belongs to PSE near our Phnom Penh Centre.
  • Construction of a covered gathering place and nearby canteen.

Construction is in its final stage. The first cohort of students is due to start in early 2017.

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